Skillport Army

If you are in the Army as an active-duty soldier, you could get free e-learning courses. You can get trained in new skills that can help you advance in the Army as well as provide you with an interesting new hobby. You can learn to do something new and have a career doing something that you love. Any active-duty soldiers can take part in this, so time a moment to register and get started. Ask your sergeant how to get started on this great opportunity. The website should walk you through the steps of registration, but your sergeant should also be able to answer other questions you might have.

These Skillport classes are offered through the Army Training Requirements and Resources System, or ATRRS. The classes can help you to develop new skills that can help the Army work faster and more efficiently. The Army would like you to learn new skills so that you become the best, most well-rounded soldier possible. In fact, if you complete these classes, the Army will award you one promotion point per five hours of training.

You can browse the Skillport Army e-Learning Course Catalogue to see what classes are available. Business Skills, Desktop Skills and IT Professional Skills classes are all available offered. You could complete one of these exciting tracks and get certified in it. This certification can move you up in rank through promotion points, and you could find yourself doing very specific jobs within in the Army that only people who have been certified are qualified to do.

The Business Skills classes cover issues like maximizing your relationships with others, learning how to communicate effectively and how to analyze what is happening in the business world. You can learn how to navigate fluidly through the business world and be an effective leader. These Business Skills courses can help you not only succeed in the Army but also help you relate to people back home better. It’s a great way of obtaining real-life skills that can truly move your life forward.

Desktop Skills classes can help you become more familiar with using a variety of computer programs. Knowing how to use these programs can make you a very attractive candidate for any job, but they are especially valuable for the Army. Many civilians think of the Army as just fighting and training. However, there are plenty of military jobs that do not put a soldier in the actual middle of the chaos. The Army, like any good organization, keeps track of figures and monetary values. If it didn’t do this, the entire system would fall apart quickly. If you are good with numbers and clerical work, Desktop Skills classes can put you into a comfortable position doing the things that you want to do.

IT Professional Skills classes are a great option for people who are interested in how computers work, how to connect computers to the internet and to each other and how to make technology easier for computer users. IT (Information Technology) is all about being to understand computers and fix them for other people who don’t know as much about them as you do. If this sounds like an interesting career for you, why not complete a certification so you can obtain a job in the field?

You put in your service for your country, so why not take some time to look even further into your future with Skillport? Being private is certainly an admirable position, but you can also explore your other interests and build a long career in something else that you enjoy. Let the Army fund your education. You can use the skills that you learn to advance into a new position within the Army, doing something that you love to do.

You can earn promotion points for classes that you take through the ATRRS e-Learning website and Skillport Army classes. Promotion points are available in exchange for any courses that you take through a vendor-based Army e-Learning website. These points are given by the same guidelines used to award points for correspondence course: five training hours is equal to one promotion point. You can move up in rank, and therefore you can also earn more money. Does that sound like a good deal? Get a free education and make more money? The Army wants you to succeed and do your best,

You must be an active soldier in order to take advantage of this opportunity. Only active-duty soldiers can earn promotion points, so these Skillport classes are not meant for anyone else. However, if you are the loved one of a soldier who you think is not aware of this program, let them know. Explain how his or her future could be changed through these classes and the benefits that are offered. Moving up in rank is a great part of the Army; it’s what makes it such an effective force. Anyone can move up as long as they work hard and keep motivated.